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How To Take Care Of Braces And Invisalign

When deciding whether to get Invisalign or braces, you are investing in your personal appearance and the health of your teeth. However, proper oral hygiene with braces is tricky because food and debris can become stuck in spaces between metal and teeth. Lodged food promotes decay and stained enamel. Food can also facilitate a reaction with oral bacteria and metal braces to create staining on teeth.

How to Brush and Floss Properly with Braces;

Select an electric toothbrush or a toothbrush with soft, round bristles. Brush for two minutes with fluoride toothpaste after eating. If you cannot brush after a meal, rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.

Floss using a threaded or waxed floss. When flossing with braces, manipulate the floss with a gentle back and forth motion so that it gets below your gum line.


Caring for Your Teeth with Invisalign Braces;

Invisalign aligners do not have the metal wires and bands that traditional braces do. When you eat, you need to remove the Invisalign aligners from your mouth. Clean the Invisalign aligners and your teeth thoroughly before returning your Invisalign aligners to your mouth.

When you floss, place the floss between your teeth and gently move it up and downward under the gum line. Use mouthwash to rinse your mouth.

How to Clean Invisalign Aligners;

Rinse them with water that is comfortable to the touch, but be aware that hot water can damage the aligners and ruin the fit. Place toothpaste on a toothbrush with soft bristles. Brush your aligners in a circular motion making sure that you clean the entire surface. Rinse aligners under water after you brush them, and then inspect to make sure they’re clean and also see the London lingual braces.

If a cloudy film remains, soak the aligners in a product for cleaning Invisalign or use a denture cleaner or clear braces. Check the cleanliness of your teeth before putting the aligners back in your mouth.


Be sure to schedule and keep your orthodontic and dental appointments once your teeth have braces. Examine your braces periodically, and contact your orthodontist if you notice any problems with your braces. See more abour adults braces on http://www.angelorthodontics.co.uk/adult-braces/

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