Friday, 4 February 2011

London IMATS 2011 - The Haul, The Damage, The Joy?!

I think going to IMATS both days is definitely a budget buster. Intending to spend a similar amount to last year £150 but ended up more around the £250 mark. However, I was so happy to have a range of foundations finally, at a non bank breaking £58. It's something I've had on the cards to get since last November so almost doesn't count! ;P I was assisted in my choice by the lovely Deborah on the The Make-up Artist Boutique stand. I also picked up a couple of shadows as a try me and a setting powder - Like the foundations the small size and portability were key - oh and a reputation for being pretty impressive too!! Of course.

The Z palette I picked up from the Alcone stand for a measly price - I believe they are more like £13 usually but with show discount and possibly a bit more for being late on Sunday and not wanting to take stock back to America I paid £7. I also picked the spatula up there too. I'd watched Eve Pearl use a similar one and how keeping it to hand kept decanting during makeup application to the fore.

A few disposables. The mascara wands from the Pro Make UP Shop were cheaper and with more choice than the ones from Crown Brush

There are 2 brushes from The London Brush Company  who had a small stand within the Makeup Artist Provisions (PAM) area. How fabulous to have a company making brushes in this country, although bizarrely site prices are in dollars!

Love me some cleaning products and the Pro offer at BeautySoClean was £40

Face and Body Paints from Vimura and Wolfe Face Art & FX amd books from Illusion

Sleek Primer Palette due in Superdrug 16th February, OCC Lip Tars in Pageant, Demure and Conquest. I was weighing up between Pageant and Demure and got into a conversation with the amazing  David Klasfeld about the amazing sell out last year. He recommended going for Pageant as I have colours already to lighten to a Demure shade. I went for this idea and paid up, only for him to give me the Demure as a gift. X I went back the next day having finally decided to pick up a spare Conquest as I'm now regularly using the one I got last year as a concealer.

Finally I can't believe I forgot to photograph my very first purchase of the weekend - FACE atelier foundation.

Where appropriate links are provided to the UK stores running the stands at IMATS London - they may not be the only UK supplier or the supplier for your area, but these were the people I met and purchased from. Direct roll over links can be found on the IMATS London floor plan


  1. Yikes really wanted to go next year but will need hands super glueing to sides to prevent this kind of spend if I do! All look fab and dying to see what you do with the face paints as its bound to be great!

  2. Oh I dream of going to IMATS! It's wonderful to get your hands on products you've heard so much about!

  3. Oh I like the Lip Tars! Great purchases!

    Would it be possible to take pictures of the Sleek palette open? Please, please, pleeeeaaaase ? :)

  4. @Debbie - Einat Dan who will get a mention in the final IMATS 2011 post uses them with makeup because of the much blolder colours you can achieve. I also wanted the children to feel more included as they have been getting a little jealous of the makeup recently. x

    @dempss01 - It's amazing, you hardly know where to start first!

  5. @Lucisek - There's one up already in the Saturday photos post. I picked it out on the Sleek stand specially. But I will be swatching soon :) x

  6. Fab haul! Could you show us more of the Sleek palette please? x

  7. Lovely haul! I looove OCC lip tars, how nice to get one free! Jealous! :P

  8. @Lillian - Lovely and so totally unexpected x

  9. Great haul here - really enjoy seeing what everyone thought and bought. What shade did you get in the FA? I got my hands on a couple of samples from Coco Beau but was disappointed that they were still a bit warm for me. Thanks for this. Jan x

  10. @Jan - I got #1 Porcelain described as Pale and interesting porcelain, with pinky undertones. x

  11. Lovely haul. I love the look of the face and body paints, I love face painting!

  12. Awesome hauling! The face points in particular look AWESOME :D I think if I went to IMATS I'd probably spend a year's wages *____*


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