Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sleek i-Divine Curaçao - Caribbean Collection - Swatches

I've been longing to get my hands on the Curaçao Palette since I got a sneak peek at it back in January. Last week I got the chance for a closer look. I think it will be July before most of us get to see it again. Of course I couldn't resist swatching whilst I had the opportunity :D

I took my swatched arm outside to photograph, so these are daylight pics.


  1. Omg it looks lovely! What colour is the pout polish? I'm addicted to them as you probably noticed in my last post, is this one orange?


  2. @esteeem - Yes it's orange and an orange blush :)

  3. oh gorgeous. I am never brave enough with my eyeshadow, I am drawn to this kind of thing but then would freak out about applying it! That said am desperate for a lime green matt eyeshadow - any suggestions?? Want to keep it cheap til I know I can wear it, thinking the lime with matt navy in crease could be nice but absolutely love the idea of matt navy crease with matt orange on inner corner with tangerine colour nails, just not sure I am out there enough (or young enough!) to carry it off! x

  4. Thank you for an amazing post. I was so impatient to read about this event and as usual you wowed me with your swatches. Ok now for this palette. I like the concept, I like the name, I like the outside packaging but I don't like the colours. The colours on their own are nice enough, and they seem to be crazy bright and pigmented but the palette for me presents an disharmonious colour scheme and do not sit prettily next to each other. For example top row: the red, yellow and blue just sat to each other, what a clash. So for me, as I need to cut down in makeup buys cos I am broke basically, I shall not indulging in this palette.

    However, I am very excited about the mediterranean (what a bugger to spell that world) and the neutral one (name I've forgotten already) and and and and and and and and and and the lip tars. the lip tars are so exciting that i actually do not want to purchase any other lip product until this comes out xx

  5. @Debbie - That's one of the things I love about the sleek palettes they're afforadble enough to give anything a go!!

    There was a matte lime in the Frontcover To Go palette, there's one in the new collection, but not really matte. Check it out in

    @liloo - I love the mad riot of colours - I think it's deliberate this time, to capture the mad riot of colours at carnival.

    I love the med colours too. xx

  6. Thanks for the link - I am thinking that maybe the yellow & green from this mixed might give me the citrussy lime I am craving! As you say cheap enough to experiment with! x

  7. I'm loving the look of the palette. Especially the variety of greenish shades, I love green eyeshadow!

  8. oooh this looks soooo nice xx

  9. @Jules - If you are in the UK it's available in Superdrug for a little while longer. Other wise try

    They do ship abroad but postage is quite high. Palettes are also often available on e bay.

  10. Just about to buy 3 of the palettes online, can't wait!


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