Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sleek's answer to Lip Tars - Pout Paint - Initial Swatches

Edit: 3/8/11 Just purchased Pinkini and Rosette - These colours are the other way round to those labeled here.

Destined for an August release these paints are awesome. They feel great on and just like OCC Lip Tars you need just a tiny amount to give great colour and coverage. Unlike Lip Tars they don't smell of peppermint, possibly something sweet, but not definite enough to put my finger on.  The mix I applied around 2pm was still going strong at 9pm despite the fact that I'd been asleep for 2 hours with a migraine.

 Natural light
Cloud 9 is white - the pot had been corrupted a little.
Indoors with flash

Due to be priced around the £4-£5 mark I believe.

So very looking forward to these!!!

Full lip swatches
 Peek-a-Bloo, Mauve Over
Lava, Pin Up, Port
Milkshake, Rosette, Pinkini


  1. ugh sleek now i will be bankrupt haha! I love these and the fact you can mix them for a custom shade is amazing! Thank you for the swatches :) x

  2. super super super super EXCIIIIIIITED.
    I LOVE when you go to events, your coverage of the event is just so perfect. If you have contact with the brand, perhaps will you be able to suggest to do a miniature of these and that we can buy a pack of miniatures (either set colours or pick and mix) Miniatures would be so great. I am very excited xx

  3. Oh my word. How flipping exciting!! :)

  4. Ooooooh, can't wait for these either!The colours look fab and if they cost around 5 pounds they're not expensive at all!

  5. cant waitttttttt!!! loving Sleek even more with every new product they release.. go Sleek!

    I have a strong feeling I will probably buy a lot (if not all) these colours, they'll be my new Pout Polish addiction ;)


  6. Oooh, these sound amazing and cheap enough to not feel *too* guilty about buying them all! :) xxx

  7. @Adrienne - They are going to be so much fun to play with :)

    @liloo - Ha a miniture set would be so cute!

    @Sophie - I almost can't wait ;)

    @Ria - I'm sure she said £4 something so I was hedging my bets a bit there!!

    @esteeem - I can see me following you in a Pout Paint addiction :D

    @Gemx - HeHe how very true!

  8. Ooooh loving the look of these. I can't wait for these to hit the shops xx

  9. Intrigued! Just wondering - how do they taste and feel on the lip?x

  10. Awesome! Cloud 9 is mine mine mine!

  11. There are some really gorgeous colours there. I particularly like Minx :D
    Jane x

  12. I love all these and this range excites me soooo much, I want them all but have narrowed it down to 6 LOL....I am gonna be bankrupt LOL xx

  13. These look so promising! Can't wait to try them out.

  14. Awww...thanks! :) This post is super helpful. I'm just thinking of trying these out.

    Best Regards!
    Des of


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