Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Where is the love?

I've been out and about today, plenty of time to ponder.....on twitter and blogging and the press and all the putting down and vilifying of people that goes on. I got into blogging because it seemed so friendly and supportive, and it can be. But we live in a country notorious for pulling down anyone who is successful. Celebrity culture makes us feel like we have the right to speak into the lives of people we don't know. We feel we know them because we see them all the time in the press and yet really we don't.

Twitter and forums and blog commenting have become an extension of this - we 'see' people every day, and we think we know them. We might even actually know them quite well. Well enough to be rude, or negative? Well enough to complain about something they have done or haven't done? In all honesty though, we cannot know their mental state or their family circumstances, what they are dealing with right now. So stop and think, is it necessary, can I say it gently, or perhaps not in public? Is this the way I would like to be approached in these circumstances? Will others join in and cause more hurt? I see my lectures on crowd mentality enacted so often on twitter it's untrue. Where is the love? Let's pull this round and build each other up rather than tearing everyone down all the time.

Today I went to Westfield Stratford, I surprise myself by saying I love being in Stratford. Why surprise, because just over 20 years ago I moved there as a student and it's only now, from this perspective that I can see just how much of that time I was depressed, just how poor my mental health was, to the point, that I haven't actually felt comfortable being in the vicinity for all these years. You see, if I didn't know how poor my mental health was, how would you have known. Of course there was no social media then to bring support straight into your living room....or words of attack straight into your home. Take care with the harsh words people and if you have kids teach them too, from an early age to stop and think before they press send.


  1. Absolutely bloody brilliant post! I hate to see the spats on the internet. It can feel anonymous but we're all real people with real feelings and the spats can so often spiral into bullying territory without people realising. I feel quite fragile at the moment so I hope we can all find the love again soon x

  2. Well said! and I'm glad you've said it. I tend to stay on the sidelines of Twitter and watch in. So many times in the past I've felt 'oh why am I not involved in that?' 'Why can't I be part of that group?' But being on the sidelines and listening/watching a lot of people, I've come to realise there's so much fighting going on and I don't necessarily want to be part of it or promote it. Granted not everyone fights and there's still a lot of love out there, but I've seen one to many spats and I get the feeling there's a lot of fragile people in tweet world at the moment.

  3. Fabulous post and very well said. I hope people read this and learn something from it :) Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Well blimmin said lady! There is so much nastiness on Twitter and YT etc these days - Women should pull together and support each other, not try to knock each other down!

  5. A very good point beautifully made. I love the social aspect of blogging and twitter, the one thing I hate about twitter is DM - it's licence to bitch. I had a situation recently where two different factions tried to pull me into an on going war of words via DM, so I took a little twitter break and fortunately it had blown over when I returned. If you can't say anything nice and all that! xx

  6. Great post, we should be working together not trying to pick fights!

  7. Gosh I must tweet with blinkers on as I'm oblivious to the spats people refer to, but am definitely always up for sharing the love! :)

    Nic x


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