Monday, 30 April 2012

Models Own - Indian Ocean - Beetle Juice Collection

Models own indian ocean essie mint candy apple Illamasqua caress eyeko rain polish barry m 295 cyan blue nails bottle

When I picked up Indian Ocean, as part of a 3 for 2 in Boots, together with Aqua Violet and Ibiza Mix I had a feeling it would need to be layered and had picked out Illamasqua's Caress in my mind as a suitable candidate. In the end I raided my draws for a range of colours to play with.

Models Own Indian Ocean 
Essie Mint Candy Apple - Barry M Cyan Blue 295 - alone - Illamasqua Caress - Eyeko Rain Polish
2 layers of each colour and 2 layers of Indian Ocean

And the verdict, well despite the fact that you can see the nail tip - a pet hate - through 4 layers of Indian Ocean, I actually think I preferred it to over any of the colours I chose. It gave much more of the mysteriousness and vibe of the ocean than over a soild base. And given that all 4 of the pale colours I'd chosen needed 2 coats to achieve a good solid baseline, 4 coats of Indian Ocean actually ends up as the quicker option. It dries pretty quickly because of it's sheer nature, making it a quicker manicure than with a slower drying creme base.

That saying, It's a nightmare to photograph - you get the reflection, but it looks white or gold, never the pink it is in real life. These pics are 2 separate attempts at capturing the glow, second time round I even upped it to 3 top coats of Indian Ocean to try and get that gleam.

Best pic I took of it was of the drop I spilt on the kitchen table ;p

3 layers of Models Own Indian Ocean over 2 each of L-R:
 Illamasqua Caress - Models Own Indian Ocean  - Essie Mint Candy Apple - Barry M Cyan Blue 295
 Eyeko Rain Polish

Indian Ocean is one of this year's additions to the Beetlejuice collection priced £5, though I bought it on 3 for 2 in Boots and there are buy more offers available on the Models Own website.

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