Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nails inc Nail Jewellery

QVC plays a large responsibility in the development of my beauty product obsession. High end skincare, getting back into makeup after giving it up altogether whilst reproducing and of course nail polish. All those hours watching techniques demonstrated whilst breast feeding, I really didn't get out nearly enough ;p Well when you're tied to 3 school runs a day and a 20minute walk to a bus stop QVC was definitely a shopping life saver! 

Nails inc were definitely my polish of choice with their amazing colours and great TSV's....I'll have to count them sometime.....then about 18months ago I hit overload....I think it was when I won Sara at Daily Polish's giveaway... and very little has really grabbed me since...until Fantasy Fire started the ball rolling again recently. 

When it comes to Nails inc though I've managed to resist, until now. Their newsletter on Thursday introduced Nail Jewellery:

Nail polish that adorns your nails like jewels. The ultimate nail accessory to add sparkle to any outfit. This revolutionary formula has been created with hand cut particles creating faceted fragments that dazzle like precious stones. Who needs diamonds when you can have nail jewellery?

Wear your special effects nail jewellery over Black Taxi or other dark shades for the most dramatic effects. Burlington Arcade Nail Jewellery also looks beautiful over nude shades such as Porchester Square. Experiment and create your own look.

I was really excited by the suggested promise of this picture, but it wasn't until tonight that I clicked through and found this demonstration video:

Seriously loving the look of these! 

Princes Arcade - Pink Diamond Nail Jewellery, Royal Arcade - Sapphire Nail Jewellery and Burlington Arcade Diamond Nail Jewellery are available now from Nails inc priced £11. For some reason Piccadilly Arcade - Emerald Nail Jewellery doesn't appear to be on the site yet.

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  1. I too blame QVC for my Nails Inc addicton I bought this and fell in love looks great over dark colours


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