Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sleek Launch Ultra Matte i-Divines

When I apologised for lots of stock photo posts yesterday, I completely forgot that I hadn't actually put this post up yet. I've been excitedly waiting to check this out ever since I first heard it was on the cards.

After last years's near deluge of i-Divines, Sleek have waited considerably longer into 2012 to bring us something new in the shadow department. A wise move I feel as I have certainly lost the feel of i-Divined out I had by the time the PPQ collaboration came on the scene.

Certainly by the end of last year I had lost any great interest in buying drugstore shimmer eyeshadows. With a huge i-Divine stack and 40 odd MUA colours to draw on, the PPQ palette wasn't something I was going out of my way to buy online.

Sleek however are breaking the i-Divine fast with not one but two much longed for matte palettes. Matte I feel is notoriously hard to do well on a budget, which is why the high street has such a poor showing on this front. The mattes in Sleek's previous palettes though have seemed to improve greatly with each i-Divine launch which bodes well for next Wednesday when the Ultra Mattes hit Superdrug's shelves.

Here's Sleeks own words on the matter:

Matte eyeshadows are notorious for their lack of pigment and chalky texture. But Sleek MakeUP’s ULTRA MATTE i-DIVINES are intensely creamy, highly pigmented colours that are super-blendable. These mineral-based eyeshadows are so smooth in texture they make colour blending and contouring effortless.

Every palette of Sleek MakeUP’s legendary i-Divines are 12 shades of high-quality, super-pigmented eyeshadows suited to every skin tone, giving you the freedom of choice according to your preference, mood or skin tone. Sleek MakeUP’s intense eyeshadow pigments mean shades can also be used as long lasting eye liners by applying with a small eyeshadow brush.

I confess I have already been in to Superdrug on the off chance these have made an accidental sneaky early appearance on the shelves. Excited, me?
Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks Brights i divine

Sleek Ultra Mattes Brights i Divine

Sleek i-Divines cost £6.49
Available from selected Superdrug stores or direct from Sleek


  1. OMG, the person in the queue behind you in superdrug breathing down your neck when these come out will be me! Thanks for the heads up!x

    1. lol - and at this point I have also just realised I can't actually go shopping next Wednesday morning! Throws small tantrum! x

  2. ahhh I can't wait for these!!! The colours are pretty :)


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