Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sugarpill HeartBreaker Palette

Apologies for yet another stock photo post, it's not often I get excited about so many new launches in a row!
It took me forever to get round to placing an order with Sugarpill, I just wanted everything! Then there was the anxious wait over a very snowy Christmas whilst the parcel wended it's way across the Atlantic. My Sweetheart and Burning Heart palettes were well worth the wait though.

So I was super excited this morning to see that Sugarpill are releasing a new palette on the 18th May.

Sugarpill heart breaker heartbreaker cosmetics palette new

I'm in love already!

Thankfully we don't have to stress over customs etc with orders direct from the USA any more, as companies like Cocktail Cosmetics and Love Makeup stock Sugarpill in the UK. No dates for when it will be available yet as the announcement was only made yesterday, but I'll be sure to share as soon as I know.


  1. Those colours look so pretty, I look forward to them being released over here :)

  2. the packaging is so cute :)


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