Thursday, 21 February 2013

Illamasqua's Make up Artist Lock in - Vintage Glamour Master Class

It feel's like a total age since I got to play with make up, so I jumped at the opportunity to visit Beak Street last week for a Makeup Artist Lock in, at Illamasqua's School of Make up Art, with the amazing Clare and Daniel. Many Beauty School Drop-ins have been and gone without me getting in on a Sunday for a look so this was an opportunity not to be missed. Illamasqua's product range has changed quite a bit since I attended one of the earliest 5 day courses in 2010 so for me it's a great way to catch up on how some of the newer products have been incorporated into the line up. For anyone new to the school though, it's also an excellent way to get an idea of what you might expect from a course and meet the Educator's.

Daniel and Clare provided a Vintage Glamour Master Class, a taster - Our educators will demonstrate make-up looks and tips from different decades. Discover the professional way to achieve the 20’s first smoky eye to the 40’s full pout, 50’s perfect liner flick to the 60’s cut crease. - from what they offer on the Three Day Vintage Glamour Course which takes you from the 20's through to the 80's and beyond.

Full of historical snipits on why changes occured, Clare demonstrated a 20's look, followed by the 40's, before Daniel transformed the 40's into the 50's and finished with the 60's. I wasn't quick enough to grab a picture of the 40's look but here are the rest.




One great tip for applying matte lipsticks was to work a little off the bullet with the stem of a cotton cotton bud and then warm it up by working it on the back of your hand to apply with a brush. It's quite easy to get put off when you're used to the amount of slip that a more moisturising lippie. In a non MUA setting, I for one, usually find myself applying the bullet to my top lip and cupids bow, then using the slip of the product to coat the majority of my lower lip by rubbing my bottom lip on the lower half of the top one, then replacing anything I've lost from the top with the bullet. I guess that may be a habit I can get away with because I have such full lips, but I'm sure we all have little knacks that we take for granted because of the slip we expect from a lipstick.

I bought Magnetism from the Generation Q Collection some months ago and this has that effortless slip we love. Most of Illamasqua's lipsticks aren't like that though and I've tended to avoid them for everyday use as a result. That is, until I fell for Resist the other night. It's a similar colour to Magnetism and I'll probably layer Magnetism over it at some stage as I think they'll work well together. Right now it's all about Resist though, and I've discovered that short slow careful strokes allowing the product to warm as I go works very well for me. It's going to be my go to pink lippie for a good while yet.

If you get chance to visit Beak Street for a Drop-in or a Lock-in I'd thoroughly recommend it!!

I was invited to the Lock-in as a former student of the Make up School, my attendance at which I paid for myself. OK I contradict myself, it was actually Mr Sparklz who paid. Although I did the physical paying because I had to deal with the embarrassment of having my credit card rejected - I think the bank were a bit dubious of the round thousand pounds to a newly set up shop. Mr Horne was lovely though.

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  1. I LOVE that 1920's makekup - those razor thin brows!!! I was born in the wrong decade because I would have totally rocked that look :D


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