Thursday, 4 April 2013

Artdeco Makeup at Pro Beauty

When Pro Beauty rolled into the ExCel last month I couldn't resist a day out. I do love a good mooch around, seeing what's new and different. This was my third year and it's interesting to spot which brands are regulars and which aren't....there's always the odd surprise. Looking back two years I titled my write up 'Pro Beauty - Not for the faint hearted' . Is it more or less manic two years on? I don't know. It's definitely bigger. Possibly I just got used to the crowds and does help if you go off to a Warpaint Seminar or two in the middle of the day - always the busiest time. The Warpaint Conference sessions were new for 2013 ahead of the magazine's relaunch as a digital publication later this year. It fits in with the gently growing presence of makeup at Pro Beauty as salons look to extend the services they offer.

Which brings me to the main brand that get's me out of bed on a cold wintry morning to make my way to ExCel. ProBeauty is the one place I know I can see the true abundance on offer from German Pro Makeup brand Artdeco. You can find them online, at Beauty Bay, The Garden Pharmacy and Debenhams but Pro Beauty is definitely the place to be if you want to check out the range in full:

The Dita collection has been on my longed for list since images first peeked onto Facebook last year. I could have spent a fortune, but limited myself to a couple of lippies.

Oh Color Mania! Art Deco wowed me greatly last summer with pictures of Color Mania from the different AD European Facebook accounts....still not entirely sure if it was stocked here by anyone...  

The current collection, Butterfly Dreams most definitely is though:

Tribal Sunset has me cooing all over again....not out yet but I see the lippies are starting to appear on Beauty Bay......that and this summers brights collection, which I'm really hoping to get pictures for as soon as they're available.

Tribal Sunset Blush

Also, on the way from Artdeco is the arrival of their own versions of the much hyped BB Creams. Love them or not they are here to stay, for the time being at least. Artdeco isn't a brand to hot foot it down the path after everyone else, without some careful consideration. So they took a step back and watched to see where exactly this path would go, what the BB Cream obsession would morph into before coming up with there own addition to the market. I've always been a girl of extremes, full on slap or none at all, so BB's aren't something I've really investigated, what I saw of these, the texture and coverage was pretty impressive though. Definitely one to check out if BB's are your thing.

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 My blogging life has become more fractured than ever recently. I miss the days when I could spend a whole day doing a write up after an event, but hey, that's the way life goes.


  1. The Butterfly collection's eyeshadows are amazing :)

  2. Not sure if it's a bit late, but Tribal Sunset has arrived: :-)


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